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1/25/23 CounterPoints: Pence Classified Docs Found, DOJ Sues Google, Trump Charges, Cop City, Bezos Washington Post Sale, Ticketmaster, Elon Caves to India Censorship

Ryan and Emily discuss classified documents found in Mike Pence’s home, the Department of Justice announcing its anti trust case against Google, the final report of Fulton County grand jury investigating Trump may be released soon, guest Tina-Disiree joins us to discuss Cop City and how protestors of the new development have been charged as “Domestic Terrorists”, reports Jeff Bezos may sell Washington Post to buy Commanders football team, and guest Raqib Naik joins to talk about Elon Musk caving to India’s censorship demands over a BBC documentary on Modi.

Timestamps: SoS: (0:00) Pence Docs: (1:50) Google DOJ: (10:10) Trump Charges: (20:57) COP CITY Protestors: (29:14) Bezos WaPo: (38:10) Ticketmaster Hearing: (49:51) Elon Bans BBC Doc: (57:38) EoS: (1:12:37) AUSTIN LIVE SHOW FEB 3RD Tickets:… To listen to Breaking Points as a podcast, check them out on Apple and Spotify Apple:… Spotify:… Merch:

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