Peter Zeihan is a Fast Talking Charlatan

Recently, some of you might have seen a charlatan known as Peter Zeihan on ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’. In case you haven’t, here is the link for that episode. While I am not sure if it was Zeihan’s first appearance on that show, it was certainly his biggest recent public exposure. FYI- I have been familiar with this character for some years now because of his frequent guest spots on other “alternative” talk shows on YouTube. But getting back to his recent appearance on the Rogan show, more than a few people found Rogan’s promotion of this character a bit odd, since he usually promotes those with an anti-establishment bent. In case you don’t know, Peter Zeihan’s origin story is deeply intertwined with various fronts and NGOs funded by three letter agencies. Do a search about Zeihan’s connection to Stratfor and look at the background of those who have promotes him in the past. I could write an entire series of posts about his various connection with a lot of interesting and shady characters.

So let us talk about how I realized that Zeihan was a three letter agency plant and shill actively promoted by them from almost the first time I saw him. Yes.. I realized that he was a shill the first time I came across him. Let us begin with the first classic sign that a public figure is an inauthentic plant or scammer. Anybody who talks very fast or with excessive confidence and certainty is either a moron or a scammer. If the person is not obviously a moron, he or she is almost certainly a scammer. This is especially true if person claims expertise about anything involving complex systems. So what do I mean by complex systems and how are they different from simple systems?


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