Red Lines Crossed: Ambassador Polyanskiy on the Escalation of Tensions between Russia and the West

In this video, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Dimitri Polyanskiy, discusses the recent announcement by the Biden administration that they will be providing an additional $2.5 billion in weapons to Ukraine. He also speaks on the recent statements made by the Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, in which Lavrov said that this is no longer a hybrid war, but a real one with Russia. The Ambassador expresses his belief that this is a sign of the United States trying to escalate the conflict and that the West’s true goal is the defeat and capitulation of Russia. He also denies that Russia has any aim to do away with the Ukrainian state or people. The Ambassador also mentions that the West keeps crossing red lines, and that Russia has no intention or desire to go into an actual hot war with NATO.

Categories: Geopolitics

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