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1/23/23: New Biden Docs Discovered, Janet Yellen On Debt Ceiling, Trump Losing Evangelical Voters, ChatGPT, George Santos in Drag, Big Pharma Obesity, Steven Crowder Daily Wire Drama, Jonah Furman Interview on Union Density

Krystal and Saagar discuss an additional trove of documents found over the weekend at Biden’s home and how it will effect his chances in 2024, Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen throws up red flags on the looming Debt Ceiling and how it could effect the global and local economy, how evangelical abortion voters are turning on Trump, Krystal and Saagar react to a conversation between two AI ChatGPT bots, George Santos is discovered to have a past as a drag performer, Saagar looks into Obesity and Big Pharma, Krystal looks into the drama unfolding between Steven Crowder and Ben Shapiro, and Jonah Furman (@jonahfurman) joins the show to discuss Union density and organized action’s future in America.

Timestamps: Sos: 0:00 Biden Docs: 1:51 White House Cover Up: 7:40 Polling Documents: 12:39 Debt Ceiling: 17:25 Trump Evangelical Voters: 31:12 ChatGPT Conversation: 39:15 Santos: 46:20 Obesity/Big Pharma: 53:33 Steven Crowder/Ben Shapiro Drama: 1:09:13 Jonah Furman on Unions: 1:22:06 EoS: 1:32:33

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