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Kishida heads into parliamentary session with packed — and divisive — agenda

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Kishida heads into parliamentary session with packed — and divisive — agenda
Contentious debates in the Diet over increased defense spending, policies aimed at children and extending the life of nuclear reactors could ultimately seal the prime …
Four killed and three others feared dead in predawn fire at Kobe apartment
Four men were confirmed dead at the scene, while three others, believed to be in their 60s and 70s, were all unconscious and taken to …
Police say string of robberies and and burglaries across Kanto may be connected
Authorities have noted similarities in a series of break-ins since November — including one that resulted in the death of a 90-year-old woman.
How does the cost of Japan’s international schools compare to the rest of Asia?
The price of tuition has declined over the past few years, although enrollment in Tokyo will still set parents back a median cost of over …
One of the most influential ambassadors in Washington isn’t one
Taiwan’s representative, Bi-khim Hsiao, calls herself a “cat warrior” walking a delicate diplomatic line. China calls her a troublemaker who could trigger a war.
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo confirms 5,110 new cases
Thirty-one COVID-19 deaths were newly confirmed in the capital, while the number of severe cases fell by four from Saturday to 37.

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Chris Hipkins’ journey from a police cell to New Zealand’s next prime minister
Hipkins, 44, faces an uphill battle to win Labor a third term in office in an Oct. 14 election, with his party trailing the main …
For China, it’s the ordinary people who pose the greatest risk
In times of crisis, such as the COVID pandemic, Chinese leaders are so terrified of public panic that they view the people as the actual …
The secret ingredient to Setsubun? Demon-ousting beans
Don’t believe in soybeans’ exorcising qualities? Maybe this recipe will convince you of their culinary merit instead.
This dog’s battle against life’s adversity has been nothing more than Herculean
His background is fuzzy, but this dog has obviously had to struggle for a long time. Can one caring person become Hercules’ new hero?
‘An Open Parenthesis’ finds music in the silences
Philip Rowland’s new collection of poems contains nine interwoven sequences that allow the entries to be read as both separate entities and parts of a …
Lone ozeki Takakeisho claims third Emperor’s Cup at New Year Basho
The tournament’s highest-ranked rikishi finished ahead of the pack with a 12-3 record by toppling unlikely contender Kotoshoho, fighting as a 13th-ranked maegashira.
Wheelchair tennis star Shingo Kunieda retires
The 38-year-old’s career featured 50 Grand Slam titles in both singles and doubles as well as four Paralympic gold medals.
Japan to downgrade COVID classification as it seeks to ‘live with the virus’
The downgrade is likely to happen in the spring and will mean an end to quarantine guidelines for COVID-19 patients. The government will also review …
Over 70% of Tokyo’s small and midsize firms have no plans to raise wages this year
While top firms have already announced wage increases following Kishida’s call for a hike that exceeds inflation, the survey shows that this may prove to …

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