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The Problem with 1950s Nostalgia

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It has often been said that the Right and social conservatives are very nostalgic for the past. This is especially true for the those who are apart of Generation Z who have nostalgia for the 1950s. In fact, some like Gen Z conservative political commentator John Doyle has adopted 1950s aesthetics into his YouTube videos.  Other right wingers have also incorporated 1950s art into their aesthetics to help spread their message. Many see the 1950s as a time where there were still strong family bonds, a strong middle class, religious morality, nationalism, and less crime. In other words, a more orderly society compared to today world that is socially dysfunctional with broken families and community, less religion, extreme class, race, and gender divides. Along with an extremely toxic consumer culture.  This idea is strengthened amongst social conservative when feminist, liberals, and other progressives talk about the 1950s in their view as a time of extreme patriarchy, sexism, racism, authoritarianism, reactionary, and many more buzz words that the liberals like to negatively throw at the past.

This all causes many social conservatives especially American social conservatives to wish for a return to the 1950s and its social values. Seeing the 1950s as the peak of American and Western Civilization. However, this nostalgia for the 1950s has blinded the Right. While it is true that society was more culturally conservative than it is today but many of the problems we have today originate well before the 1950s in facts some of these problems originated decades before hand. Only starting to get out of control completely after the 1950s. This article will be a brief overview of many of these problems along with what Conservative thinkers at the time positions on where the United States was heading.

Globalization In The 1950s and Prior 

Globalization the process of integrating of countries and expansion of corporations and government organizations to an international level had already begun on an economic, government, and was already a popular ideological idea amongst the American and Western ruling class well before the supposed “conservative golden age” of the 1950s.


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