Left and Right

The Manifesto of The American Workers National Liberation Party

by the Party Central Committee

“There is no American nation, there is no American government, there is no American representation, there is only a colony of the Globalists. We are natives of a colony. That’s the entire cruel and unrelenting truth, which one must make peace with mentally before thinking ahead.”

—Vorwärts, May 15th 1919

The Vision

There is an election for House Speaker, the neo-con Kevin Mcarthy can’t get the votes, in the Corner Gaetz, Gosar, and “the Squad” conspire to achieve a power sharing situation, Ilhan Omar will be made Speaker. Her first declaration is that there will be no more foreign aid to israel, and all our troops are coming home, NAFTA is repealed, every company with over a billion dollars in gross annual income must be unionized, and a minimum of 25% stake in the company must be worker owned, the IRS will be turned into a police force used only against companies that have outsourced jobs. Over by the White house groups of fierce looking men in black uniforms and red flags, NFAC militants, NBPP members, and regular patriotic citizens stand guard, Kanye West gives an impromptu concert as AOC and an Orthodox priest each hold half of a bible, swearing in a new Supreme leader. The Ghosts of Francis Parker Yockey, Fred Hampton, George Lincoln Rockwell, and Malcolm X stand invisibly, holding hands and smiling.

This is an obviously a fantastical scenario. but it serves to illustrate the vision herein.


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