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The Soros Wave Is Here


We’re in January, mid-January to be exact. The new congress is sworn in, just as many individuals across the country in various positions have been as well. What does this mean? That means if you’re in states like Florida, you’re gonna be fine. Everyone else though, things might not be looking so good.

Case in point– the overwhelming number of George Soros backed district attorneys who will continue to advance the pro-illegal, pro-criminal, anti-cop agenda that is plaguing American communities coast to coast.

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“These were candidates re-elected in places like Dallas, Houston. Progressive prosecutors were re-elected there despite projections that they might not be,” said Parker Thayer, an investigative researcher for the Capital Research Center in an interview with ABC 4 News after the midterm elections a few months ago.

While crime was a top topic of interest for voters across the country in the recent election, many of the ‘soft on crime’ district attorneys who were more likely to lose their elections than win ended up turning out just fine.

What does this mean for the rest of us though? As expected, the exact same situation we’ve been in the past two years. No lessons learned, not enough pain felt by progressives who vote based on the NPC majority instead of the reality they see before them. These anti-law and order DAs have no reason to change, they have no reason to fear they actions have consequences.

Who do they really have to thank though for helping pull many of them past the finish line? Soros himself.

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“These candidates, when they don’t have the money of billionaires like George Soros, they really don’t perform very well at all,” said Thayer.

Where were the GOP billionaires and millionaires this go around? Doing the usual by sending money to Super PACS to keep their “strategist” friends employed, and focusing on federal races they were essentially guaranteed to win.

What could have happened if we put that much energy into school board races, city council races, races such as those that would have rid communities of these horrible district attorneys?

Maybe we’ll get another shot, but until then, while the red wave was obviously a drought which now we have to suffer through, the Soros wave is here, sworn in, and ready to do some damage.


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