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Japan’s government starts talks on ‘unprecedented’ steps to reverse birthrate decline

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Japan’s government starts talks on ‘unprecedented’ steps to reverse birthrate decline
Kishida is expected to announce his resolve to roll out significant child care measures next week in a speech to be delivered at the beginning …
Japan’s lawmakers get OK to ditch masks during plenary session speeches
Ruling and opposition lawmakers agreed to install a plexiglass shield at the speaker’s podium aimed at preventing COVID-19 infection via aerosol transmission.
Japan to allow e-scooter riding without a driver’s license from July
The new rules apply to scooters with a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour, and riders must comply with the same traffic rules as …
Japan saw record trade deficit of ¥19.97 trillion in 2022
The trade deficit for December alone, however, narrowed more than expected in a sign that the impact from the weak yen and high energy costs …
Dead whale in Osaka Bay sunk offshore
The around 15-meter-long male whale was transported by ship after being attached to 30-ton concrete blocks to weigh it down once in the water.
Make it easier to raise children say many Chinese after population falls
China’s statistics bureau just released a report that showed the population fell for the first time since 1961 amid a lack of desire by young …

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New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern resigns as prime minister
Labour Party leader says she doesn’t have the energy or inspiration to seek re-election at this year’s general election.
Japan’s myopic coverage of the Kishida-Biden summit
The foreign press provide more comprehensive reporting on the Kishida-Biden summit compared to Japan’s own media outlets with their focus on domestic politics.
‘And So I’m at a Loss’: Cautionary tale turns meta
Daisuke Miura’s drama about a habitual shirker isn’t quite as outrageous as it thinks.
Ruud beaten as Australian Open loses another top seed
Ruud’s early exit left the tournament without its top two seeds in week one after Nadal’s shock loss on the same court Wednesday to another …
Japanese football given chance to measure progress at Dream Bowl
When the Japanese team takes the field for the Japan-U.S. Dream Bowl at Tokyo’s National Stadium on Sunday, it will offer a brief look at …

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