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Does the U.S. Need to Contain China in Africa?

January 19, 2023  •  Weekly Newsletter
Does the U.S. Need to Contain China in Africa?

Ivan Eland (National Interest)

China leads the race for influence in Africa, with the United States falling behind in the giveaways. But, actually, that’s just fine. U.S. government interference in the continent will just lead to a pointless zero-sum competition with China for a dominance the victor won’t be able sustain. READ MORE »

In Search of Monsters to Destroy

The Folly of American Empire and the Paths to Peace

By Christopher J. Coyne

How Japan Kept Inflation Rates Low

Steve H. Hanke, John Greenwood, OBE (Wall Street Journal)

Tokyo has had ultra-slow monetary growth for decades. From 1992 to 2020, the growth rate of the country’s money supply averaged an anemic 2.6% per year. Accordingly, Japan’s inflation rate has averaged an almost imperceptible 0.3% a year. Chairman Powell? Your move…. READ MORE »

Political Affiliations of Federal Reserve Economists

The Independent Review, Fall 2022

‘Belief in Freedom’ Is Bad for You

K. Lloyd Billingsley (American Greatness)

The authors of a recent article in the American Journal of Medicine wonder why some people hesitate to take a COVID vaccine shot. These experts worry about a “belief in freedom.” Maybe it’s because the COVID vaccines don’t work very well? READ MORE »

Virus and Leviathan

Symposium on Public Health and Policy in a Free Society

The Independent Review, Spring 2021

Independent Truths with Dr. Scott Atlas

It’s our new Independent Truths podcast! Dr. Scott Atlas, world-renowned expert in health care policy and frequent policy advisor to policymakers and government officials, investigates the role of government and the private sector in health-care quality and access, global trends in health-care innovation, and the key economic and civil liberty issues related to health policy. It’s time for the biomedical security state to be held to account, and there’s no one better to do so. Tune in! WATCH OR LISTEN »

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