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The bizarre, ‘fake’ arrest of Greta Thunberg goes viral

In what critics are calling a bizarre PR stunt, new footage reveals Greta Thunberg calmly posing and laughing with the German police who detained her at coal mine protests

editor: REMIX NEWS
author: John Cody
Great Thunberg was filmed laughing during her police detention in Germany.

Video footage has emerged of climate activist Greta Thunberg posing with German police shortly before she was carried away and detained during mass protests against a coal mine in the town of Lützerath.

Images of Thunberg being carried away by police were broadcast across the world, with some protesters claiming it amounted to police violence. However, the reality of the detainment appears to be far different than initially reported.

The new footage shows that Thunberg calmly posed with the officers before she was led from the protest by police, with critics saying the whole event appears to have been staged.

It is unclear if the police were under orders to pose for the cameras during Thunberg’s arrest, or why this strange photo op session is only being revealed now. In the video, she can be seen laughing and looks relaxed and unconcerned with her detention.

Already, Twitter users have begun creating memes around the incident.

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