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Martin Luther King Was a Gun Owner

By Nicky Reid

Martin Luther King was a pacifist and a civil rights leader. He was lot of other things too, but you likely won’t hear about those things from the mainstream media because those things aren’t convenient to their narrative. MLK was an outspoken socialist, but you won’t hear about that because it interferes with the system’s addiction to neoliberal-style capitalism. MLK was a gun owner, but you won’t hear about that because it interferes with the system’s desire to keep people of color disarmed. MLK was an anti-imperialist who stood in solidarity with the Third World, but you won’t hear about this from the system because war is their bread and butter. And MLK was also a fucking human being who cheated on his wife and appeased people who should have been opposed, but you won’t hear about that either because the system isn’t interested in promoting the ideals of a human being who was flawed like every one of else, they’re only interested in promoting a sanitized mythological figure who has been stripped of his individuality so he could be used as a generic prop for the same system that killed him to pose with. The same system MLK died fighting. This is the MLK that I honor. Not because I agree with every single one of his values but because we shared an enemy and a desire to see that enemy shattered. No one is served by an empty cult of personality.

I am sick and fucking tired of hearing liberals use Martin Luther King to pimp out their pet project of gun control. This is just evil on so many fucking levels that I have to unpack it like a shotgun. First of all, MLK was not killed by “gun violence”, he was killed by the goddamn FBI and even the DNC sell-outs in his own family know it. This is the same FBI that killed Fred Hampton and framed Huey Newton, not to mention the same FBI that you might as well hand a fucking chainsaw if you empower them further with gun control. Second off, gun rights are civil rights. Frederick Douglas understood this. Harriet Tubman understood this. Robert F. Williams understood this. And yes, even a pacifist like Doctor King understood this which leads me to my final shotgun shell. Martin Luther King carried a fucking gun! He had a concealed carry permit, and he was known to use it. Using the memory of a state slaughtered civil rights leader to empower the state by attacking civil rights isn’t just stupid, it’s fucking depraved. If you want to pimp a police state than pick another mascot. May I suggest Adolf Hitler, who was quite fond of your approach to policing minorities? Here, you can take this shotgun. It’s empty and I’m all done using it.

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