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Today’s top news: January 17, 2023 Japan Times-China’s economy slows sharply, with 2022 growth one of worst on record

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China’s economy slows sharply, with 2022 growth one of worst on record
GDP grew 2.9% in October-December from a year earlier, data showed Tuesday, slower than the third-quarter’s 3.9% pace.
With Kishida criticism, Suga steps back on to Japan’s political stage
The former prime minister broke his monthslong silence to express his discontent with Kishida’s decision to remain as an LDP faction leader.
Japan weighs linking benefits recipients’ bank info with My Number
Under a proposed law revision, authorities will ask people whose account info is already known to public bodies for benefit payments whether they want to …
China issuing visas for some Japan travelers despite halt
Under what criteria Chinese authorities approve visa applications is unknown, but there have been some cases in which applications were accepted.
Environment education that connects all the dots
Currently, students in Japan are taught the facts, but not necessarily how they are linked to political and social changes around the world.
Japan’s largest trade union head says 2023 is pivotal for wages
Trade union leader has stressed the importance of moving toward continued wage growth in the face of rapid inflation and economic stagnation.

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Japanese football given chance to measure progress at Dream Bowl
When the Japanese team takes the field for the Japan-U.S. Dream Bowl at Tokyo’s National Stadium on Sunday, it will offer a brief look at …
The Group of 20 could use a ‘G Minor’ grouping to represent emerging economies
While the G20 represents the world’s largest economies, it’s time to think of a group that could represent the needs of emerging and developing countries.
Could the Akutagawa Prize get its first American winner?
Gregory Khezrnejat, whose short story “Kaikonchi” is up for the literary award, sees writing in Japanese as a minor rebellion against English’s assumed dominance in …
Thousands sign petition to save Tokyo’s ‘sacred’ Jingu Stadium
Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig played at the legendary venue in 1934 as part of a Japanese tour, making the stadium only one of a …
Dead whale in Osaka to be sunk offshore this week
The city’s mayor told reporters that he hopes the disposal will be completed within the week.
U.S.-China trade is close to a record, defying talk of decoupling
Even as the U.S. aims to hold back China’s advance and Beijing seeks to counter Washington’s global influence, the two economies remain deeply entwined.
China’s population shrinks for the first time in six decades
China’s population dropped by roughly 850,000 to 1.41175 billion at the end of 2022, the country’s National Bureau of Statistics said.

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