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Today’s top news: January 14, 2023 Epoch Times-Kishida wins Biden backing for defense boost amid China challenge

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Kishida wins Biden backing for defense boost amid China challenge
The prime minister’s meeting with the U.S. president was seen as a victory lap for the Japanese leader, with the two setting in stone the …
French carmaker Renault offers concessions to strike Nissan deal
Nissan’s independent board directors are due to meet early next week to consider several proposals by Renault, including reassurances on intellectual property concerns.
Japan university exams begin with stricter rules to prevent cheating
As part of the new cheating prevention policy, organizers warned test-takers that a police report may be filed if evidence of cheating is found.
International travelers at Japanese airports surge 17-fold over New Year holidays
About 895,000 travelers used Narita Airport in Chiba Prefecture and Haneda Airport in Tokyo for international flights between Dec. 23 and Jan. 3, official figures …
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo logs 10,727 new cases, down by 8,900 week on week
The capital also confirmed 34 new deaths among patients, while the number of severely ill patients under the metropolitan government’s criteria stood at 43.
Russian mercenary boss courts Putin with Ukrainian battlefield success
Prominent Putin supporters have contrasted the Wagner Group’s progress with what they say has been a less impressive performance by the regular military.

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China finds no new COVID-19 variants but mutation threat lingers
The news is bolstering hopes that a new variant after omicron — one that could set the world back in its attempts to move past …
In Cairo’s male-dominated electro scene, women DJs spin up more than deep beats
It’s a party on the banks of the Nile, and more and more often, it’s a woman on stage who’s mixing the night’s music.
Superorganism’s Orono Noguchi: ‘I’ve chilled out on my stubbornness about hating Japan’
The Japanese vocalist has strong opinions about her home country. Meanwhile, she and her pop band get intergalactic on their second album, ‘World Wide Pop.’
Eight wrestlers tied for lead at New Year Grand Sumo Tournament
Lone ozeki Takakeisho outmuscled Abi to grab a share of first place at the New Year Basho on Friday.
U.S. flight chaos puts harsh spotlight on FAA after tense year
The system breakdown immediately attracted criticism from prominent American lawmakers and aviation industry leaders.
Tokyo police begin anti-groping campaign ahead of school entrance exams
Tweets that have circulated in the past few years have stated that the annual two-day unified university entrance exam represents “opportune days for groping.”

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