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Dear Reader,Status is more than simple wages for the American worker, says Joshua Preiss. Preiss, a professor of philosophy at Minnesota State University, argues that the bipartisan National Development Strategy and Coordination Act of 2022 sponsored by Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Ro Khanna supports the components that have historically made up sustained pro-worker growth: private enterprise, coordinated by democratically accountable agents and agencies, focused on domestic production. A self-governing commercial republic needs a robust middle class.

Jeffrey H. Anderson of the American Mainstreet Initiative suggests that Americans have punished pro-masking states by voting with their feet, moving away to states without overweening Covid-19 restrictions. Anderson looks through a lot of numbers, but manages to keep his analysis moving. Where does your state stack up? Are you now, or have you ever been, tempted to move to Florida or Idaho?

And un-paywalled from the print magazine this week is Mark Bauerlein’s retrospective report on the time Bill Bennett and Jesse Jackson fell into the war for Western Civilization at Stanford. “The students are stalwart, and so is the conservative, but not the faculty and administrators.” You probably saw Bauerlein’s name in the news recently, as it was announced he has been appointed to the New College of Florida’s board of trustees as part of an effort by Gov. Ron DeSantis to reform the state’s higher education system. I for one am glad to see Hillsdale College envy having such great results.

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Status Matters

American workers and the health of their communities should be at the center of our nation’s economic policy.

Americans Flee Mask Mandates

People by the thousands have moved out of the states that imposed draconian mask mandates.

When Bill Bennett Came to Stanford

His bold stand for Western Civ showed up the passive faculty, who abdicated their role under student intimidation.

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