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San Francisco man who sprayed woman in viral video says he’d do it again

On Monday morning, a viral video began circulating of a man in San Francisco hosing down a woman sitting on the ground in front of Barbarossa Lounge on Montgomery Street. With a hose in hand, the man starts spraying her directly in the face as she shouts and tries to shield her body from the oncoming blasts of water in the video.

The footage drew outrage, with many appalled by the treatment of someone who appears to be homeless. But the man with the hose, Collier Gwin, told SFGATE he’d do it again.

“In that situation, the street was being washed and she refused to move. She started screaming profanities, and becoming very belligerent,” Gwin, who owns an art gallery next to Barbarossa Lounge and is not affiliated with the popular bar, told SFGATE. “… and at that point, the cleaning on the street was directed more in front of her.”


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