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Freedom News Digest: TUESDAY, JANUARY 10, 2023 What AMLO Should Say to Biden about the Drug War

Over the years, the real purposes of many of these overseas military bases has changed from tactical and strategic locations of military value to elaborate American housing and logistic installations away from home. They provide locations and facilities for some units that would have no reason for existence if based in the United States, and they furnish justification for interesting and attractive overseas travel and adventure for the troops and their families.
James A. Donovan, Colonel USMC Ret, Militarism, U.S.A. [1970]


January 10, 2023

What AMLO Should Say to Biden about the Drug War
President Biden is in Mexico City where he is meeting with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who is commonly referred to in Mexico as AMLO. This is what AMLO should say to Biden: “It is nice to see you, President Biden. Thank you for coming to our country.  “However, when you depart, please take all of your DEA agents with you. …

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