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The Birth Of Frankenstein

For contest #357, we see a sliver of a famous body.

(For the View From Your Window contest, the results below exceed the content limit for Substack’s email service, so to ensure that you see the full results, click the headline above.)

Happy 2023! The Berkeley super-champ looks around:

Certainly no pelicans on catamarans in this picture!

That tiny patch of the photo shows a tiny patch of water: a section of lake or river, not clear which. On its opposite bank, substantial homes are widely dispersed across a green slope. In the background there’s an unremarkable ridge line and behind that just the tip of a pointy peak pokes up like a solitary fang.

I concentrated on lakes, because rivers have too much shoreline and I knew it would drive me crazy if this were to turn into what Chini once called a “brute force search.” I expected it to be another Christmas Spectacular like Kugluktuk in contest #310, meaning I’d still be searching for it several days after Santa had come and gone.

Another sleuth writes, “Montana is my guess.” Another thinks it’s “Vancouver, Washington.” From a sleuth in Vancouver (where I just visited family for Christmas):

My guess is Sombertown USA:

Heh. A partial entry from the super-champ in Austin:


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