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Prince Harry won’t stop talking

January 6, 2023
Hello, Insiders. This is Joi-Marie McKenzie, the editor-in-chief of Insider’s Life division, filling in for Nicholas Carlson. My team spans entertainment, travel, sports, style, and more — including royals. And right now, everyone’s talking about Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir, “Spare,” in which he calls Prince William his “beloved brother and archnemesis.” (Plus, he’s dishing even more on “60 Minutes”.)


But I want to call attention to another royal: Princess Keisha is an American model who married a Nigerian Prince. She told our senior reporter Mikhaila Friel that, like Meghan Markle, she experienced discrimination in the UK. Her story is worth a read. Want to hear more? Mikhaila is speaking with Princess Keisha next month in a live conversation that you can attend. But for now, let’s get to the news.


— Joi-Marie McKenzie

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The latest
  • Twitter employees beg for toilet paper and report a wafting stench as Elon Musk cuts back on office facilities staff. Get the details.
  • Police believe the suspect in the University of Idaho murders returned to the crime scene hours later, and court documents reveal a detailed timeline of his whereabouts. Read here.
The big story
Roberto Schmidt/AFP via Getty Images


It’s been two years since rioters stormed the Capitol — and we’ve learned a lot about the insurrection in the past year.


We now know loads more about the ins and outs of the disastrous event, which left both protesters and police injured, and some even dead.


This was due to the January 6 hearings in the House, led by a nine-member group consisting of seven Democrats and two Republicans. They used the hearings to unveil key information and recommend charges against President Donald Trump.


Combined with cases from the Justice Department, we’ve learned a ton about the riot in the last year — including that Trump deeply desired to attend the Capitol protest in person. It’s also been revealed that the plot to declare victory before votes were counted was hatched as early as four months before Election Day 2020.

Take a look at what else we’ve learned.


Top reads

Carla Wilson
  • First they were diagnosed with a terminal disease — then they got married. Sara Smouther and Matt Weeks fell in love after they were both diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. Two months after their wedding, Matt died. Now, Sara is sharing their story.
  • The next recession may hit the wealthy more. Mass layoffs and a “royally screwed” stock market could hit wealthy Americans hard, while the lowest earners may continue to benefit from a booming labor market and soaring real wage growth, leading to a “richcession.” More here.
  • Tesla isn’t Apple, Musk isn’t Jobs, and its cars aren’t the next iPhone. Scratch beneath the surface and the companies aren’t very similar at all. One has an erratic, distracted leader and a shrinking market share, while the other is as dominant as ever. Get the full story.
  • “I flew on a private jet to Miami and on Spirit Airlines back to New York.” Insider’s Taylor Rains shared how a $92 flight compared to the $20K-an-hour Bombardier Global 7500, from 28 inches of seat pitch and no water to a theater room and award-winning cuisine. Read the review here.
  • No honeymoon and no luggage — the Southwest chaos strikes again. A teacher in Wisconsin who missed her $4,000 honeymoon cruise after the airline canceled her flight told Insider she still hasn’t gotten her luggage back after 11 days. Read the full story.
  • “$2 million of life insurance for a couple in their 30s? Works for us.” Rachel Morgan Cautero and her husband pay a total of $100 a month for their policies — which would cover the cost of childcare, debt, and salary if either of them died. More here.
  • The full list of major US companies making job cuts. As Amazon and Salesforce employees become the latest victims in a wave of layoffs, Insider has compiled a list of companies that are slashing their workforces. See the list here.
Watch this
Watch what it was like inside the mob at the Capitol two years ago.
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