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Today’s top news: January 4, 2022 Japan Times-Both hurt and saved by regulations, what is next for crypto in Japan?

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Both hurt and saved by regulations, what is next for crypto in Japan?
Strong regulations may have helped Japan avoid some of the FTX fallout, but some LDP lawmakers are pushing for a loosening of rules to embrace …
Suspect in Saitama family’s murder denies killing
DNA from blood found on clothing confiscated from the home of the suspect, Jun Saito, 40, matches that of all three victims, police said.
Japan cautiously optimistic for V-shaped recovery in inbound travel
While the yen’s depreciation has been a positive factor, the sluggish return of Chinese tourists is keeping a full recovery at bay for the time …
Kishida and Biden to meet at White House on Jan. 13
The meeting comes as North Korea’s missile tests and calls for a larger nuclear arsenal worry U.S. allies in the region.
Wage hikes and steps toward a nuke-free world top Kishida’s 2023 goals
Speaking at a news conference in Mie Prefecture, the prime minister also mentioned the possibility of a general election before a defense-related tax hike goes …
Myanmar junta marks Independence Day with show of force and mass pardons
The junta did not specify whether the amnesty would include those jailed as part of a crackdown on dissent.

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How pro-Putin operatives in Germany work to turn Berlin against Ukraine
Several million Russian speakers live in Germany, a legacy of Soviet ties to Communist East Germany and decades of German dependency on Russian gas.
Cancer vaccine hunt finally makes progress
A small study shows promise in deploying mRNA technology against melanoma — but fighting tumors is vastly more complex than tackling COVID-19.
Keisuke Honda to step down from Cambodia role after SEA Games
The former Samurai Blue star has been serving as general manager for the Southeast Asian nation’s senior and Olympic-generation men’s teams since 2018.
Tracing the history of Mio, a rural Wakayama community with deep ties to Canada
Efforts to preserve Mio’s cultural heritage, including memories of the longstanding connections with Canada, have gained momentum in recent years.
‘OK, Mexico, Save Me’: After China, this is where globalization may lead
As American companies seek to limit their exposure to the pitfalls of making goods in China, some are moving production to Mexico.

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