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The Great Reset and American liberty

Dear Fellow American,

Does America need a “Great Reset?

In 2020, members of the world’s elite met at the World Economic Forum and launched the Great Reset initiative to transform the world economy.

As Klaus Schwab—the founder and executive director of the Forum—wrote, “we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.” If successful, this would have the effect of canceling our American way of life.

A recent Hillsdale College seminar considered the idea of the Great Reset, its ramifications for America, and pro-freedom alternatives.

This seminar—titled “The Great Reset? ”—is now available as a free online video series.

Filmed on the Hillsdale campus, this video series will give you insight into:

  • The origins and leaders of the Great Reset
  • How the ideology of “woke capitalism” is infiltrating large corporations
  • The connection between a cashless society and the Great Reset
  • What “environmental justice” has to do with the Great Reset
  • The Great Reset from China’s perspective
  • Alternatives to the Great Reset

You can receive instant access to this free video series right now using this secure link:

You will learn about the Great Reset, the dangers it poses, and pro-freedom alternatives. And you can share these lessons with your family, friends, and more.

As America’s economy continues to struggle in the aftermath of disastrous elite decisions, lessons like these are essential to the defense of the free market and American liberty.

Use the link above to receive your Great Reset video series today.

Warm regards,

Larry P. Arnn

President, Hillsdale College

Pursuing Truth and Defending Liberty Since 1844

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