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Stop worrying about your résumé

January 3, 2023
Hello, Insiders. For my first note of 2023, I want to talk about freedom of the press. President Zelenskyy signed a new law that could allow the Ukrainian government to block news websites. Ukrainian lawmakers argued that, among other things, it will help them meet standards for EU membership and counter Russian propaganda.


But an organization representing journalists expressed concern that this will erode press freedoms, saying the law is at odds with other parts of Europe, per the NYT.


Freedom of the press is a vital tool in any democracy. Journalism holds power to account, keeps citizens informed, and, especially during times of strife, helps people stay safe. So this is alarming. But with that, let’s get to today’s stories.


Nicholas Carlson

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The big story
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Gen Z is rewriting the rulebook on résumé gaps.


Most people are familiar with the scourge of the résumé gap. The conventional wisdom has long been that companies won’t want to hire you if your résumé shows that you have a gap of a few months or years between jobs — so candidates often try to fudge the dates or fill in the gaps with extracurriculars.


But now, after decades of prospective hires fretting over a blank space on their career arc, Gen Z is shifting the power dynamics.


Young entrants to the workforce are leading a new conversation about the workplace, and the long-scorned résumé gap is no exception. Many are arguing that career breaks are positive — and forcing employers to reconsider their preconceived notions about the résumé gap.

One Gen Zer told writer Eve Upton-Clark: “Our generation is not afraid to take risks and do what we need to do.”


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