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Santos Can’t Touch the Democrats’ Duplicity

By Paul Gottfried, American Greatness

It would take considerable doing on the New York Republican’s part even to approximate the dishonesty of the party he ran against.

or me, it’s a no-brainer that the Biden Administration is doing nothing to control the southern border, reopen closed pipelines, allow new drilling on government lands, to stop LGBT and critical race indoctrination in public education, in the military and civil service, or to cut back on inflationary spending. Biden, Inc. weathered the November elections magnificently with minimal losses and, in fact, picked up seats in the Senate and in state offices. An overrun southern border, an inflated economy, rampant urban violence, a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden’s family scandals—none of these apparent disasters seemed to matter as much as our president’s promise to remit college debts for young voters and the reaction of unmarried women to the Dobbs decision. Of course, an obvious reason for these developments was the way the Democrats sent out their mail-in ballot many weeks in advance to designated voters to react to events that their media lackeys played up at the designated times.

But my point is not to rehash the games that the Democrats play with ballots and voter rolls. It is to underscore the precarious position that their official opposition is now facing and the need to mobilize all resources to hold back a tsunami of initiatives from the Left, all of which will be dutifully trumpeted by the press and an obliging Senate. Significantly, even as the Democrats were vacating majority control of Congress, which they only lost by a handful of seats, they managed with RINO support to pass an omnibus spending bill that will tie the hands of the small Republican majority on budgetary matters for the next year.


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