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Freedom News Digest: TUESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2023 George Santos Will Be Right at Home

Abe Lincoln never went to high school or college. In fact, he spent very little time in any kind of “educational institution.” But was he uneducated? On the contrary, he ranks high among the well-educated men of all centuries, including our own. When Benjamin Franklin first went to Paris as envoy from the newly formed Confederacy of American States, crowds lined the street to see him ride to and from his lodgings. This was not because he represented and upstart little nation fighting for its independence. Instead, it was because he was already world famous as a scholar, scientist, and philosopher. Of formal schooling he had almost none; but even by today’s standards, he was a highly educated man.
V. Orval WattsThe Freeman [July 1971]


January 3, 2023

George Santos Will Be Right at Home
The mainstream press is so upset over the lies that Congressman-elect George Santos has told that they are besides themselves. In their eyes, Santos sullies the much-vaunted concept of democracy that U.S. officials spread around the world through force of arms, a concept that pretends to result in only the most virtuous, honest people serving in government.  Actually though, Santos will fit …

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