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Today’s top news: January 2, 2023, Japan Times-In 2023, Kishida’s political survival hangs in the balance

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In 2023, Kishida’s political survival hangs in the balance
Kishida heads into the new year with diminished political capital, having suffered one setback after another since former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s assassination in July.
Emperor greets well-wishers during first New Year’s address in three years
‘After three years, I am very happy to celebrate the new year with you all,’ the emperor told well-wishers from behind glass on a balcony …
Japan to be tested as nonpermanent U.N. Security Council member
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has vowed that Japan “will play the role of advancing reform to restore the functions of the United Nations.”
Kim Jong Un vows nuclear buildup to take on U.S. and South Korea
In a speech that came at the end of a nearly weeklong meeting of his ruling Workers Party, the North Korean leader said Washington and …
Japan scrambled jets to monitor Chinese aircraft carrier operations
Japan monitored the operations after the naval group, which also included missile destroyers, sailed between the main Okinawa island and Miyakojima island on Dec. 16.
South Korea and U.S. discussing nuclear exercises as tensions flare with North, Yoon says
The comments come after he called for “war preparation” with an “overwhelming” capability, following a year marked by the North’s record number of missile tests.

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