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The Nation Weekly: December 30, 2022 The best albums of the year, psychiatry’s gray zones, 2022 in extinction, and more

A lot happened in 2022: some good, some bad, and some really bad. We’ll start with the good. This year wrought a lot of terrific albums. This week, The Nation’s music critic, David Hajdu, rounded up some of his favorite, from Angel Olson’s Big Time, to Rosalía’s Motomami.

Meanwhile, our associate literary editor Kevin Lozano, reviewed New Yorker staff writer Rachel Aviv’s debut book, Strangers to Ourselves, and Ana Ratner wrote an obituary for the frog, duck, and fish species that went extinct this year. May the new year be filled with more of the good stuff, and way less of the bad.

The Best Albums of 2022
David Hajdu
Rachel Aviv’s Report From Psychiatry’s Gray Zones
Her debut, Strangers to Ourselves, asks: Who shapes the story of someone’s illness?
Kevin Lozano
What the Extinction Crisis Took From the World in 2022
From a frog in Venezuela to a sturgeon in China—obituaries for the species we lost.
Ana Ratner
We Lost Barbara Ehrenreich in 2022, but We Can’t Lose Sight of Her Visionary American Socialism
She drew from Debs and historic radical traditions, yet the author and activist was no nostalgic. She modernized the message for the 21st century.
John Nichols
Sex Workers Have Been Banned From Airbnb for Years. Will You Be Next?
Using surveillance technology, platforms have found new ways to continue targeting marginalized groups.
Olivia Snow
Best of 2022: Elie Mystal on the Constitution, plus Kelly Lytle Hernández on “Bad Mexicans”
For the last episode of 2022, we feature some of our favorite book segments.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense
Nelson Lichtenstein on the UC Strike Settlement and Sean Wilentz on Bob Dylan’s Christmas Album
On this episode of the Start Making Sense podcast, we get a new update on the biggest strike in the country and demystify Bob Dylan’s holiday record.
Jon Wiener, Start Making Sense

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