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Jose Nino’s Digest: December 30, 2022 Russian Foreign Ministry Declares That US Unipolarity is Over, and more

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Russian Foreign Ministry Declares That US Unipolarity is Over

Mikhail Galuzin is certain that tectonic shifts are taking place around the world towards multipolarity and mutually beneficial cooperation based on the principles of equality, respect for the interests of and non-interference in the internal affairs…

Dec 30, 2022Big League Politics

Greg Abbott Claims Texas Has Bused Close to 16,000 Migrants to Sanctuary Cities in 2022

On December 27, 2022, Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that the state government has bused roughly 16,000 illegal aliens to sanctuary cities in 2022. “Texas has bused over 15,900 migrants to sanctuary cities,” Abbott posted on Twitter. “ … We’re…

Dec 29, 2022Big League Politics

Russia Bans Sale of Oil to Countries Going Along With G7 Price Cap

On December 29, 2022, Russia announced its plans to ban oil sales to countries that comply with a price cap enacted this month by the Collective West. The Collective West has imposed this cap in an attempt to stifle Russia’s ability to finance its…

Dec 29, 2022Big League Politics

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