How Robert F. Kennedy Murdered Marilyn Monroe


Mike Rothmiller: How Robert F. Kennedy Murdered Marilyn Monroe

Former deep undercover detective Mike Rothmiller discusses deep politics, the abuse of power at the highest levels of government, and his new eye-opening book “Bombshell: The Night Bobby Kennedy Killed Marilyn Monroe”. He profiles Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy brothers and explains how he tracked down actor Peter Lawford, who was with Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe the night she died. Lawford explains that he witnessed a physical altercation between the two and that eventually Bobby gave Marilyn something to drink which left her dead on the bed. This was covered up by the LAPD. While discussing the deep state, he also tells a fascinating story of his trip to México City in the 1980s where a Mexican security official confided to him how the CIA was running drugs and weapons via México.

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