Economics/Class Relations

Degrees of Homelessness, Belonging and Death

[Bengaluru, 12/17/22]

After 20 days in Bengaluru, I took a train to Chennai. Though I had just a month in India, I felt I should see at least one more city. Just as Philadelphia or Boston is so unlike New York, one’s impressions of any country is bound to be too simplistic, if not distorted, if based on only one place, fleetingly glimpsed.

Of course, two cities can’t begin to spackle the billion holes of my astronomical ignorance, but what can I do? My clock winds down. My synapses flag. No matter how farcical or vague, a virgin’s first brush with sex is also valid.

A person needs several lifetimes to dimly understand any tiny village or just his apartment building, with its infinite mysteries, such as why is that psycho bitch upstairs stomping around or dropping barbells at 3AM, again? Why is such a courteous and well-put-together woman, as seen in the hallway, so enraged?

A million lifetimes aren’t enough to grasp India, but thankfully, there’s reincarnation. We get to become defective meat again! Just don’t let me come back as a cow in any Indian city. If I need to ruminate regurgitated garbage endlessly, I can read the New York Times and watch American television.


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