Today’s top news: Tokyo’s long-term plan to become more disaster resilient

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Tokyo’s long-term plan to become more disaster resilient
The capital is planning to upgrade its infrastructure by 2049 to be better prepared for heavy rain and flooding events.
China lacked a ‘zero COVID’ exit strategy. Its people are paying the price.
The abrupt shift has left the nation scrambling to avert a collapse of its public health system.
Heavy snow falls across Japan, breaking records in western cities
The weather agency warned of traffic disruptions, blizzard conditions and high waves.
Japan’s inflation speeds up, backing expectation of BOJ shift
Consumer prices excluding fresh food climbed 3.7% in November from a year ago, accelerating to the fastest pace since 1981.
Meta to pay $725 million in Cambridge Analytica scandal settlement
Facebook’s parent company admitted no wrongdoing, saying in a statement that settling was “in the best interest of our community and shareholders.”
Ukraine’s parallel war on corruption to unlock door to West
The drive to stamp out graft and fraud is deemed urgent enough for the government to devote resources to, even during Russia’s invasion.

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North Korea fires off at least one ballistic missile as flurry of launches continue
The latest in Pyongyang’s record-breaking flurry of launches was believed to have fallen into waters outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone.
What to make of Japan’s new defense documents
Nothing in Japan’s new defense documents signals an abandonment of the core principles of its security, but a refinement of roles and capabilities to match …
Momoko Nojo: ‘Our society is looking for someone who can fix everything, a hero. That is a delusion.’
Momoko Nojo had a study abroad experience that changed her life. When she returned to Japan, her newfound purpose in life led to her being …
The big J-pop hits of 2022? They came from TikTok and anime.
Acts such as Kaze Fujii and Sekai No Owari found success via viral trends, while artists like Ado and Aimer topped the charts thanks to …
Japan claims two golds on final day of World Masters
Japan moved past France to the top of the medal table with three gold, two silver and four bronze.
Why the BOJ chose the final weeks of the year to shift policy
The BOJ has apparently been keen to shore up its easing policy’s side effects, but such a shift needed to catch market participants off guard …
Sumo’s topsy-turvy 2022 showed hopeful signs for sport’s recovery
For the first time in over 30 years, all six grand tournaments in a calendar year were won by different wrestlers, with rank-and-filers sweeping the …
Nearly every country signs on to a sweeping deal to protect nature
The agreement comes as biodiversity is declining worldwide at rates never seen before in human history.

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