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Disappeared: the vaccine injured

By Tom Woods

As of yesterday I have released 2,257 episodes of the Tom Woods Show, and I think yesterday’s ranks in the top ten.

The subject matter: the vaccine injured in the age of Covid.

These people have had their stories scrubbed from social media (they’re contributing to “vaccine hesitancy,” so they can’t discuss what happened to them). Their friends, for political reasons, often don’t know what to do with them. (We discuss one young woman who reports that her Democrat friends don’t know how to interact with her, because she and her injuries undermine their religious convictions in the sacred shots.)

They have no health care, because few people seem interested in researching what’s happening to them and what possible treatments there might be.

They’ve lost careers (you can’t have some of these side effects and still be an orthopedic surgeon, for example), they’ve lost their life savings, and they’ve lost their voice.

But these are real people with real stories who deserve to be treated with humanity, rather than the way the Pfizer/CDC medical complex wishes to treat them.

I know this is a busy time of year, but while you’re getting your last-minute arrangements done give this episode a listen and remember those people who have been without a voice. These people — and not the universally lauded Black Lives Matter or the transgender movement, whose sympathizers are all over the media — are the truly marginalized people in our society.

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