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SBF’s ex pleads guilty

December 22, 2022
Hello, Insiders. Do you send out holiday cards? Every couple years my wife and I will — but maybe we should start sending them regularly! Because they seem like a really great opportunity to overshare and embarrass the hell out of our nearest and dearest.


That’s what Laura Kinney’s mom did to her. Laura got divorced this year. You might think all the details of the split should be kept private — but Laura’s mom does not agree. Instead, the mom wrote a very long holiday letter with all the nitty-gritty details of the divorce and sent it to basically everyone she knows.

Good for Laura, though — she’s being a good sport. “I am not thrilled,” she writes, “However, if I were to be the recipient of a letter like this, that would be the best thing that I had ever received. I would frame it.”


— Nicholas Carlson

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  • Caroline Ellison faces up to 110 years in prison after pleading guilty to seven charges in the FTX collapse. More here.
The big story
June Jiuxing Xie, Tyler
She says she was fired for retaliation. Hearst Magazines said she was insubordinate. How Delish’s hit YouTube show “Budget Eats” came crashing down.


June Jiuxing Xie was a rising star at Hearst Magazines, where she charmed millions of viewers with her no-frills home kitchen YouTube show “Budget Eats,” cooking eight dinners for two on just $15 or living off pantry staples for a week.


Produced by the Hearst-owned food brand Delish, “Budget Eats” was the kind of digital success story that traditional magazine giants crave. But on October 6, Xie was fired.


For some staffers, Xie was a hero, a union organizer whose star power gave her the internal clout to make noise. But for Hearst, a 135-year-old institution, Xie’s behavior was a nuisance.


The implosion of “Budget Eats” is a modern digital media tragedy — one about a legacy publisher trying to expand a video hit into something larger, the simmering disputes between organized labor and management, the rise of a young woman of color inside a traditional behemoth, and a generational workplace clash.


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