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Where in the World: Quartzite and Greentech

by Peter Zeihan on December 21, 2022

NB: The following video is one I recorded while on my annual backpacking trip in August; please excuse any potential anachronisms.

After a strenuous trek to Quartzite Peak, the views are what make it all worth it. While we’re on the topic of things that we hope are worth it, let’s talk about Greentech – solar and wind in particular.

The underlying goal of these green solutions is to produce clean energy at scale, that can be effectively used. Solar has surged into the spotlight, but the shadow it casts is often overlooked. I’m not saying there’s no place for solar energy, but hefty considerations need to be made beforehand.

Wind offers a more promising outlook; lower environmental impacts, reliability and better financials. However, both of these technologies have a long way to go before they are powering the world efficiently and effectively.

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