Perhaps The Schizos Have a Part to Play in All of This

The Schizo Screeds – Part 3

Having discussed the dumbs and the chumps in the previous sections, we ought to have a talk now about the rare few individuals that are able to perceive Evil and contemplate the possibility that Evil is actively working to wreak its agenda on the world. As we’ve established previously, their worldview is in stark contrast to the group that sees nothing but a series of mistakes of varying moral severity, but not a coherent agenda, just the occasional, unfortunate eclipse of Good.

Because Evil as a concept never got its day in the sun, it is my belief that our society’s immune system was weakened and the masses became sheep after they lost their sharp horns. That is, the minute that they were convinced to let their conceptual guard down, they became easy meat. At least that’s what I think. Again, I have no proof, really. Perhaps people are the way the way that they are by nature and the effects of nurture are accorded far more weight than they deserve. In other words, a new chump is simply born every minute. Basically, we left the question open-ended last time. No one knows, definitively, why a significant swath of the population are such hopeless chumps or if there was ever a time when this wasn’t the case in our world. Perhaps the problem is getting worse. Maybe it’s even getting better (unlikely).

We can easily observe though that the message of “no one is bad, really” is reinforced continually in school, in the media and by religious institutions. It is unclear whether this actually has an effect, but, you’d think that it would otherwise they’d just give up trying to indoctrinate people. Westerners, in particular, have been shorn of their defenses because they’ve been taught that defending themselves, categorizing others and noticing patterns leads directly to Fascism. The Slavlands dwellers, in contrast, being more boorish and uncooperative by their nature, have managed to avoid the same levels of domestication up until now. They were also exposed to a far more harsh reality than their coddled Western counterparts who basically lived in the land of milk and honey for close to a century.

Today’s post is a screed about the other group of people, the ones that we affectionately as a society like to refer to as “schizos” or “autists” are also the ones who can conceptualize and recognize threats and see a deadly logic at work where others simply see a series of unconnected and unfortunate events. This threat-detection ability is probably the most fundamental difference that sets them apart from the masses. As a result, they are marginalized and maligned, naturally.

Politics and social-climbing generally, is mostly dependent on the ability to manipulate chumps. That is, the people who try to educate and warn normie chumps of the dangers in believing in 5D religious/political/economic/whatever narratives or, more accurately, blindly believing the lies of psychopaths in positions of power, incur the ire and wrath of the very people they are trying to help.


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