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Morning News: December 20, 2022 Epoch Times- State AGs Sound the Alarm About BlackRock, Vanguard Buying Large Stakes in Utilities

December 20, 2022
“It does not matter what you bear, but how you bear it.”
State AGs Sound the Alarm About BlackRock, Vanguard Buying Large Stakes in Utilities
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Vital Signs

Doctors Treating Long COVID Explain How to Combat Spike Protein & Other COVID Factors

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How a New Government-Corporate Alliance Is Paving the Way for Tyranny
Will ESG soon control the world? What would that be like?

Big Government is powerful. So are gigantic corporations. What would happen if they formed an alliance to control the entire planet? A new film from The Epoch Times, lifts the veil on what ESG is really all about!

“The Shadow State” is now exclusively on EpochTV!


Immigration & Border Security

Supreme Court Pauses Expiration of Title 42

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US News

Twitter Suppressed Early COVID-19 Treatment Information and Vaccine Safety Concerns: Cardiologist

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Judge Approves $10 Million Settlement for Health Care Workers Fired Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

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Executive Branch

Biden to Sign Defense Funding Bill, Ending Military’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: White House

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Covid News

FDA Waited Months to Alert Public to Possible COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Issues, Researchers Disclose

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Threat from Communist China

China Buys Up US Farmland by Exploiting Loopholes to Undermine US National Security: Security Expert

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‘It’s the God Story’: The ‘Miracle’ Car That Finds the Family of Late Pastor Who Built Churches All His Life

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American Thought Leaders

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Aseem Malhotra: How the COVID-19 Vaccines Impact the Heart

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9 Banks Begin The Testing Phase of Biden’s Digital Money Executive Order 14067.
A Government Controlled Digital Currency is coming! The Democrat Left wants total control over you!
The BOARD OF GOVERNORS OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM published a white paper, January 2022: Money and Payments: The U.S. Dollar in the Age of Digital Transformation. Direct quote: Promotes consumer protection and community development through consumer-focused supervision and examination… and administration of consumer laws and regulations.
The Federal Reserve now will become the administer of justice over laws and regulations?
Forbes reported that “Central Bank Digital Currencies Are About Control (The control center for digital money) – They Should Be Stopped!”
This complementary guide gives you the game plan to protect your future, your retirement, and your savings 100% penalty and tax free. Learn More.
Jeffrey A. Tucker
We Are Still Locked Down
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Peter Stockland
Peter Stockland: The True Magic of Christmas
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