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Breaking Points: 12/20/22 FULL UNCUT SHOW

Krystal and Saagar discuss the revealed pressure by the FBI to censor the Hunter Biden story, LA Cops disputing Elon’s claim of doxxing, Jan 6th Committee saying Prosecute Trump, New Congressman Faking His Entire Resume, Andrew Callaghan triggering Don Lemon live on CNN, Fortnite Game Maker Hit with Record Fines, and Lockdowns Leading to New Wave of Sickness.

Timestamps: FBI (2:18) ELON (9:45) TRUMP (18:31) FAKE CONGRESSMAN (30:19) DON LEMON (39:46) FORTNITE (54:08) LOCKDOWNS (1:02:57) AUSTIN LIVE SHOW FEB 3RD Tickets… To listen to Breaking Points as a podcast, check them out on Apple and Spotify Apple:… Spotify:… Merch:

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