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Morning News: December 19, 2022 Epoch Times- Federal Agency Warns ‘Major’ Winter Storm to Hit US This Week

December 19, 2022
“The sun himself is weak when he first rises, and gathers strength and courage as the day gets on.”
US News
Federal Agency Warns ‘Major’ Winter Storm to Hit US This Week
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US News

Son of Paul Pelosi Attacker Finally Speaks Out 2 Months Later

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How a New Government-Corporate Alliance Is Paving the Way for Tyranny
Will ESG soon control the world? What would that be like?

Big Government is powerful. So are gigantic corporations. What would happen if they formed an alliance to control the entire planet? A new film from The Epoch Times, lifts the veil on what ESG is really all about!

“The Shadow State” is now exclusively on EpochTV!



Musk Launches Poll Asking If He Should Step Down From Twitter

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US News

About 50 Percent of Americans Say They Don’t Need New COVID-19 Booster: Kaiser Poll

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Messi Leads Argentina to World Cup Victory Over France

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Executive Branch

Texas Gov. Abbott Calls on Courts to Uphold Title 42 Border Rule

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US News

FBI Handed Twitter ‘Unacceptable’ List of Names for Censorship: Ex-DoD Official

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Education & Family News

Children Should Be ‘Really Careful’ on TikTok, App Is ‘Genuinely Troubling’: CIA Director

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Traditional Values

Ex-Mennonite Mom ‘Born Again’ Joins Modern World, Goes Viral With Unreal Homesteading Skills on Instagram

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American Thought Leaders

EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Aseem Malhotra: How the COVID-19 Vaccines Impact the Heart

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My Fellow American,
There’s been a silent killer raiding your retirement savings…and it’s been there for DECADES:
I’m talking about a stealth tax on your dollars, waging war against you in secret…
Targeting your goal of a wealthy, comfortable retirement, this stealth tax is constantly holding you back…
Everyone knows its name, but few are smart enough to see how devastating it can be for retirees…
Or anyone planning to retire soon. But it gets worse…
Because for those with more than $50,000 or more in their retirement savings, it’s especially damaging.
The bad news is… I’m talking about inflation. But…
The good news is there is a simple and easy way to fight back, a way that you can protect your retirement savings tax free & penalty free…
In this brand new report you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating a retirement protection plan that fights back against inflation…
Get My Special Report Today!
– Chuck Norris
Hans Yeung
Anger to Japan is Key to Communist Survival
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Michael Taube
Michael Taube: The Clock Is Ticking on TikTok in US. Shouldn’t Canada Do the Same?
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