COVID as Low-Yield Bioweapon, Elites Want Genetic Info for Immortality

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J.J. Couey: COVID as Low-Yield Bioweapon, Elites Want Genetic Info for Immortality

Jonathan Jay Couey discusses his evolving COVID theory, why he no longer believes the now official “lab leak” narrative, and how the “no virus” people can get so many things right yet be so far off the mark, throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Much of what we know about coronaviruses is not done from wild-harvested coronaviruses but from sequences detected in the wild and then replicated in a DNA cloning technology form. This means that these coronaviruses rapidly lose fidelity or potency as they return to a natural viral quasispecies swarm where the majority of particles are replication incompetent. If enough coronavirus were released at best it would create an initial effect, but then dissipate. His theory is something more akin to COVID having been a low-yield bioweapon. The overarching idea is to convince young adults and their children to be genetically and biologically monitored for the rest of their lives. Elites want to use this information to achieve transhuman immortality. They can’t depopulate us because they haven’t collected the data that’s here yet.

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