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What Long Covid means

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Dear Reader,The latest issue of the magazine is out in print and fully online for members. But of course that means we are featuring a couple each week, too, pulled out from behind the paywall for you readers that haven’t taken us up on our sweet, sweet deal. So, let me introduce you to the January/February 2023 issue.

A highlight of the issue for me, Dr. Peter Robinson looks at Long Covid and what it signifies about the human person. Robinson is a practicing neurologist, but he’s also a wonderful writer. I read his essay as a meditation on all the implications we tend to avoid when thinking about human beings as psychosomatic wholes. Whatever could it mean for something to be “all in your head”? The good doctor combines compassion and ruthless insight.

Our cover story this issue was staff writer Bradley Devlin’s postmortem on the midterm election. We were promised a red wave and definitely didn’t get one. People have blamed everything from former presidents to candidate quality, but Devlin takes a look at GOP leadership. Where did Mitch McConnell spend money? What about Kevin McCarthy? What does that reveal about what they really want? Those questions almost answer themselves but you should read the piece.

And contributing editor Sohrab Ahmari was recently in the United Kingdom. While there he sat down with Maurice Glasman, the father of “Blue Labour.” Blue Labour is a movement that recognizes, celebrates, and builds on the reality that the working class in Great Britain has conservative interests and instincts. Like in America, the U.K. has its own topsy turvy political paradigm dominated by the global market and revolutionary leftism that obscures the needs of the common man.

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What ‘Long Covid’ Means

It’s a real disease, but that doesn’t mean its sufferers are right about everything.

The Red Wave That Wasn’t

How GOP leadership snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

The Prophet of Brexit: An Interview with Maurice Glasman

Blue Labour emphasizes trade unionism, local democracy, patriotism, and the “covenantal bonds” of faith, family, history, and political community.

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There’s Nothing Less Conservative Than a Pandemic

Matt Purple

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