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Inside World Cup stars’ luxe vacations

Nicholas Carlson December 16, 2022


Hello, Insiders. Twitter suspended several accounts belonging to journalists who cover Elon Musk at outlets like CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. Musk suggested this was related to the removal of an account that tracked his private jet, @ElonJet. Many of the reporters have been covering that story — and for the record, so have we.


Musk’s justification of the bans in a Twitter Space last night? “You dox, you get suspended. End of story.” Here’s the thing: Flight information is public. It’s relatively easy to track. Anybody who wants to know where Musk’s jet is can just Google how to find it. So is he going to suspend Google, too?

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The big story
MARIO DUNCANSON / Contributor/ Getty Images/ Caroline Ellison’s Twitter


Sam Bankman-Fried is in jail. But where’s his ex-girlfriend, Caroline Ellison?


As Bankman-Fried was taken away in handcuffs, some people who have been watching FTX’s implosion are wondering: Where’s Ellison, his onetime girlfriend who ran his crypto hedge fund Alameda Research?


So far, legal watchers say US prosecutors and regulators have been tight-lipped: The criminal indictment made no mention of Ellison, and the SEC’s civil complaint targeted just Bankman-Fried.

But experts agreed that the government is almost certainly looking beyond Bankman-Fried. Often, those who fear being caught in the government’s snare cooperate as witnesses in the investigation in hopes of securing some kind of leniency — and Ellison may do just that.

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Instagram/cmpulisic; Instagram/thibautcourtois


  • World Cup stars are enjoying luxury vacations after being eliminated from Qatar. With the tournament coming to a close, many players — including Christian Pulisic and Robert Lewandowski — are seizing the chance to get away and jetting around the globe, from Dubai to the Maldives. See inside their luxe vacations here.
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  • Young adults still living with their parents are fueling a luxury boom. Nearly half of US young adults are living at home, but for many, the money saved on rent isn’t actually banked. Some are choosing to use the extra money on expensive items and travel, which is helping to fuel a luxury boom, Morgan Stanley analysts said. Read the full story.
  • Interior designers share five kitchen trends that’ll be huge in 2023 — and four that will be out. Backless stoves, open-concept designs, and darker hues are the new players in the game. But it looks like it could be game over for granite, gray cabinetry, and open shelving. Find all the new trends here.
  • A woman thought a rash on her arm was a bug bite. After two years and 10 doctors, she finally got a lupus diagnosis. Taneia Surles writes that her condition started as a small rash on her arm, but nothing she tried to treat it worked and it began to spread to other parts of her body. She battled multiple misdiagnoses and depression in her search for an answer — read her story here.
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