IHR Amendments Are WHO’s Backdoor to Global Control

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James Roguski: IHR Amendments Are WHO’s Backdoor to Global Control

James Roguski discusses WHO’s secret meetings and how the 2005 International Health Regulations amendments are the backdoor to total global control and the establishment of a planetary digital surveillance system. The proposed IHR amendments would blatantly strike out respect for our dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms! The IHR and WHO Pandemic Treaty are the one-two punch for world government and the global Algorithm Ghetto. People need to act now.

ANALYSIS: Will China be Saudi Arabia’s New Strategic Partner?

The Saudis will find a more ideologically flexible partner in China who cares little about the country’s internal politics. At the end of the day, all the Chinese care about is that their business deals and investments are protected.

ANALYSIS: Will Russian Impotence in Nagorno-Karabakh Lead to Disaster for the Armenians?

As a result of the Lachin Corridor crisis, the United States could increase its influence in the region that has traditionally been in Russia’s geopolitical orbit.

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