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Are we living in a dystopia?

If only we knew how bad things are

You’re a time travelling visitor from 40 years ago, or you’ve been frozen in ice like Captain America. You turn on the television, to see an advert by a trendy fashion house, and a woman’s voice says: ‘When I imagine my final days I see bubbles, I see the ocean, I see music…’ This looks familiar, you think, we have pretentious fashion adverts where I come from. And then you realise that the woman in question ended her life a few weeks earlier and the advert is promoting government-backed assisted suicide.

I often think about whether we’re living in a dystopia, and the latest horror from Canada rather confirms the suspicion. What makes this all the more dystopian is that it turned out the 37-year-old woman wanted to live, but couldn’t find treatment for the condition which gave her painful skin: ‘I feel like I’m falling through the cracks so if I’m not able to access health care am I then able to access death care?’ Jennyfer Hatch said before she became the star of the most bizarre ad of 2022.

It’s incredibly dystopian, but then Canada’s euthanasia story is one big horror story, the phrase ‘barely believable’ being one that springs to mind. As British-based Canadian academic Yuan Yi Zhu describes it, a parliamentary committee was recently told how ‘sick children between the ages of 14 and 17…. should be allowed to choose to commit suicide with medical assistance. Parents of babies who are born with severe disabilities should be allowed to kill them. Elderly people for whom “life no longer makes any sense” should also be able to end theirs. And so should the mentally ill, and so on and on.

‘Ever since it burst into the public consciousness almost a year ago, details of Canada’s assisted suicide scheme, known euphemistically as MAiD — medical assistance in dying — have shocked and astonished people around the world in equal measure. Harrowing tales of disabled poor people choosing to end their lives because they could not survive on paltry benefits have since proliferated, as have horror stories of doctors and bureaucrats trying to pressure patients into ending their lives….


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