Anarchist Roots & Routes

By Vishwam Jamie Heckert

Following Andy Fisher’s call for a radical ecopsychology – one which heals individuals and transforms social, philosophical and psychological systems of organisation and knowledge – this paper explores the anarchist pasts and possible futures of the field. While anarchists such as Kropotkin, Goodman, and Snyder are mentioned in Roszak’s history of ecopsychology, these roots of the field have been little explored. There are clear affinities and overlaps between the two: ecopsychology’s critique of disconnection is the flipside of anarchism’s critique of hierarchy. In practising connection as interdependent equals, ecopsychology practitioners might look to anarchist traditions of direct relationship, direct action and direct democracy. These elements might weave themselves together into a radical, fractal network of networks replacing dominant and dominating systems of state and capital. This of course requires practice. The concluding section of the paper turns to the work of the anti-state feminists Wendy Brown and the subRosa Collective to hold on to both personal healing and political transformation in this challenging process of nurturing autonomy.


Categories: Anarchism/Anti-State

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