Weathering the Storm (e.g. Great Reset, Financial Collapse, Digital Tyranny)

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Parallel Mike: Weathering the Storm (e.g. Great Reset, Financial Collapse, Digital Tyranny)

Parallel Mike discusses preparing to weather the storm of the Great Reset, financial collapse, war, famine, digital tyranny, and anything else that might come our way! Mainstream sources are already discussing hyperinflation which is a telltale signal of where we are. He says location is the most fundamental aspect of preparedness. You won’t thrive in an urban environment, you’ll be hanging on by a thread in cities. We’ll see bail-ins, pension funds freeze, social unrest, etc. He discusses what to do with some of your assets. At some point, portions of our life will be forced onto the Algorithm Ghetto, you will have to decide where your red lines are. Mental toughness is key. Make some preparations, but you’ve also got to live and be hopeful.

ANALYSIS: What’s Next for Peru After Pedro Castillo’s Removal from Power?

With Castillo out of the picture, and Dina Boluarte now at the helm, it remains to be seen how Peru will align itself on the world stage. Economically speaking, Peru will likely align itself more towards Asia. However, on the political and military fronts, it may pursue more of a hedging strategy.

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