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Freedom News Digest: TUESDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2022 The Humorous Side of China’s Crackdown

Patriotism isn’t the same as nationalism. The former is a healthy love and respect for your country, but the latter is blind, total, and unrestricted support for any and all legislation, policies, or activities of a nation. Nationalism is the extreme, whereas patriotism is the goal, because good patriots know when to challenge their political leaders, laws, and policies when they become unjust or immoral.
Rev. John Triglio Jr. and Rev. Kenneth Brighenti, Catholicism for Dummies [2003]


December 13, 2022

The Humorous Side of China’s Crackdown
U.S. officials are up in arms over China’s crackdown on the large number of people who are protesting the Chinese regime’s harsh rules and regulations to combat Covid. They are lecturing the Chinese on the importance of freedom of speech and telling them that they should leave the protestors alone….

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