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Daily News: December 13, 2022 The Week-What is Donald Trump even doing?

Rafi  Schwartz
What is Donald Trump even doing?
Joel  Mathis
The revelations in the ‘Twitter Files,’ explained
The Week Staff, Theara  Coleman
Is nuclear fusion the answer?
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3 Reasons to Invest in This Tech Company
Justin  Klawans
Wildest details in the SEC filing against Sam Bankman-Fried
Brendan  Morrow
WWE’s Vince McMahon reportedly plotting his comeback
Justin  Klawans
Why Peruvians are taking to the streets in protest
Invest in the Startup Making Real Estate Investing More Accessible
Rafi  Schwartz
DeSantis vows investigation of COVID-19 vaccine ‘wrongdoing’
Brendan  Morrow
Everything you need to know about the new Miyazaki movie
New York City to dedicate gate to the exonerated Central Park Five
Justin Klawans
Elon Musk responds to receiving ‘a lot of boos’ at Dave Chappelle show: ‘A first for me in real life’
Brendan Morrow
German coup plot suspect Heinrich XIII’s family was unimpressed with his princely ambitions
Peter Weber
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema leaves Democrats to become an independent. What does it mean?
Rafi Schwartz
Ukraine says it destroyed Russia’s Wagner militia Luhansk headquarters, army base in Melitopol
Peter Weber
Ron DeSantis vows grand jury investigation of ‘any and all wrongdoing with respect to COVID-19 vaccines’
December 13, 2022
WWE’s Vince McMahon reportedly plotting his comeback after sexual misconduct scandal
December 13, 2022
Rupert Murdoch to be deposed in Dominion defamation case against Fox News
December 13, 2022
Study: Moderna, Merck vaccines could cut melanoma’s recurrence by 44 percent
December 13, 2022

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