Where in the World: Tenaya and Climate Change

by Peter Zeihan on November 9, 2022
Waking up to ash from the Red Fire scattered across my tent wasn’t exactly how I pictured my morning going, but it does bring to mind an interesting topic – Climate Change.

No one has a great idea of how climate change will actually play out, it’s more of a broad spectrum guess situation. Making meaningful policy and planning for the future a complex task to face. However, there are some tactical factors that decision makers should be looking at; these are sources of wind and stability of the climate zone.

Think back to Oregon’s record temps in the summer of ’21 or where most countries are sourcing their food from. Understanding these realities is the only way to create policy that will actually help mitigate the impact of climate change.

The scary reality is that just because we (I’m talking people in general) might not be feeling the impacts of climate change, the food we consume (likely) is.

NB: The following video is one I recorded while on my annual backpacking trip in August; please excuse any potential anachronisms.

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