Bout For Griner – 15 American Spooks Left Behind

Literal clownworld-tier story here, folks.

Russia’s spooks have achieved a feat previously thought impossible. They figured out the Americans’ weakness and brought them to the negotiating table. Yes, for once, the Russians gained the upper hand in an encounter with the US.


Russia and the US have conducted a high-level prisoner swap, involving businessman Viktor Bout and WNBA star Brittney Griner.

Experts have yet to definitively rule on whether or not Griner is actually a dude.

Bout had been in a US prison for 11 years serving a 25-year term, while Griner was sentenced to a penal colony in Russia on drug smuggling charges.

The swap took place at Abu Dhabi airport in the United Arab Emirates, following lengthy negotiations between the two countries, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Washington categorically refused to discuss including the Russian national in the exchange scheme. Nevertheless, the Russian Federation continued to actively work on rescuing our compatriot,” the ministry noted.

US President Joe Biden has already spoken with Griner by phone, according to media reports. Both Griner and Bout were pardoned by their respective nations before the swap, which means they won’t need to continue serving their terms at home, TASS reported.

The funny thing is that Russia wanted to trade 15 American spooks for Viktor Bout back in the day.


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  1. I don’t care enough too dig too much, but I that remember Griner was a wife beater, or something about her getting charged with domestic abuse.

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