Anarchism & Assassination: Dom Carlos to the Qing’s Zaifeng Regent

ByPaul B Spooner

International Terrorist movements were launched under Mikhail Bakunin & the First International led by Karl Marx, but extend well into the 20th Century. This article provides an overview of anarchism’s geopolitical relationships, its theoretical bases, operating organizations, methods and funding, with a focus on French & Iberian anarchists and their relationship with Chinese anarchists and its associates, including Wang Jingwei and the those who became closely affiliated with the KMT regime. International Anarchist movement’s relationship to Asian Revolution requires further investigation. Wang Jingwei links imperialist strategies of the Japanese Empire to the Chinese revolutionary movements and to France, where leading Anarchists launched Anarcho-Syndicalism following the Amiens Conference of 1906.


Categories: Anarchism/Anti-State

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