The Decline of Unipolarity Began in 1929, Multipolarity is the Real Reset

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Sirius Report: The Decline of Unipolarity Began in 1929, Multipolarity is the Real Reset

Paul of The Sirius Report discusses the decline of the United States and unipolarity which he says began with The Great Depression. The West has created massive asset bubbles and inflation. Multipolarity gained momentum with Brexit in 2009 and soon after that the $400 billion deal between Russia and China signaled a significant move toward de-dollarization. He feels Russia has attained military superiority and that there won’t be a Third World War. He doesn’t buy the idea that WEF’s Great Reset is a plot to take over the world and downplays the idea there is an ominous Social Credit System. He believes unipolarity was the attempt to achieve World Government and is failing. The New New Multipolar World Order will likely have a currency backed by a basket of commodities. Multipolarity is the real reset.

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